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Zika Virus Protection

At Mosquito Squad of Dallas, we want to make sure you are informed and protected against Zika and other mosquito-borne illnesses. Zika Virus is a growing concern as more and more cases are making news headlines. Even though no locally acquired cases have been reported in Texas (as of August 2016), according to the CDC, there have been cases several reported in the US. Most recently, Florida has seen a number of locally acquired cases of the virus.

What is the Zika Virus?

Asian Tiger mosquitoes can carry and spread the Zika virus. While this is not a new virus, it has recently been connected with microcephaly in infants born to a mother infected with the virus. Microcephaly is a neurological condition that causes an infant’s head to be much smaller than normal. The relationship between microcephaly and Zika is still not clearly known. However, we do know that there is a link between pregnant women who are infected with Zika virus and infants that are born with birth defects.

For the remaining population, about 20% experience side effects from this virus. They are generally mild and include symptoms such as a rash, headache, joint pain and fever. These symptoms can last a few days up to a week. As of yet, there is no specific treatment for the virus, making protection against mosquitoes crucial.

How Do You Prevent It?

Eliminating the risk of exposure can reduce the chance of an infection. Although there have been no cases in Texas yet, there is no guarantee that we won’t see Zika cases in our home state at some point. That is why it is important to take preventative measures in your own backyard to control the mosquito population.

The best protection against the Zika virus is prevention. A traditional barrier treatment from Mosquito Squad of Dallas, with follow up service every three weeks, can eliminate 90% of all mosquitoes in your yard for the duration of mosquito season. Call us today at 214-221-2425 to find out more information about our treatment options and to recieve a free consultation.

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