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Are mosquitoes keeping you out of your yard? Beyond their irritating buzz and nasty bites, mosquitoes transmit diseases – including Zika virus and West Nile –and can ruin even the most relaxing evening out in the yard. Ticks are just as annoying and their bites can transmit Lyme disease and other illnesses.

Get Protection from the Professionals

If you’ve ever tried to eliminate a mosquito in your car or bedroom, you know what a hassle it can be. Mosquitoes are quick, resilient and often difficult to visually detect. Though you may hear that irritatingly persistent buzz, that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to annihilate the bloodsucker yourself. Citronella candles can be ineffective and many of us prefer to keep those foul-smelling chemical sprays off of our skin.

Our Proven Method

At Mosquito Squad of Dallas, our professional team will eliminate mosquitoes on your property and reclaim your yard for you. Whether you’re planning a formal outdoor gathering or celebration, or simply would like to enjoy your yard and other outdoor areas in peace, Mosquito Squad of Dallas can help. You have a right to grill, play and chill in peace.

Our licensed specialists provide tough and effective mosquito control and prevention. We will help you eliminate existing mosquitoes and ticks while simultaneously eradicating future generations of these pests. We accomplish this through strategic spraying of outdoor areas where mosquitoes are likely to breed and flourish. For Texas residents, bi-monthly spraying is highly recommended, every 14 days.
Our most popular method is the barrier spray protection program; this method destroys pests in outdoor areas and thus creates a buffer between you and these nasty critters, whether you are inside or out.

For customers with concerns around synthetic sprays, Mosquito Squad of Dallas provides an all-natural, organic compliant option that is safe for pets and non-toxic in water. These rosemary and peppermint oil-based treatments are safe and effective, and you can depend on them to reduce up to 75% of your mosquito population.

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