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Keep Your Special Outdoor Event Pest Free

Some events come only once in a lifetime. A graduation or wedding is something you want to look back on with only pleasant memories and a beautiful outdoor setting can only add to the fun and festivities. That is, unless unwanted guests, like annoying mosquitoes show up. Mosquitoes and ticks can put a damper on any event and send your guests running indoors. Mosquito Squad of Dallas can help to ensure that your event will be a memorable and enjoyable occasion for all.

Why Call Us?

For over ten years, our experienced specialists have been keeping special events pest free. They are trained to know all the “hot spots” where mosquitoes and ticks rest and breed. A free consultation is provided, where we’ll discuss the event and property, let you know what services we offer, answer your questions and give you an estimate.

What We Do

The treatment will be scheduled 24-72 hours before the event. Of course, we realize that the event location will be busy with friends, family, caterers, tent set-up and other vendors and services, and we are happy to work with your scheduling needs.

Our technicians will perform a barrier treatment on all places where mosquitoes and ticks are likely to be found. This special, time-release barrier treatment will continue to provide protection throughout the duration of your event. And even better, it’s odorless, so you won’t have an unpleasant smell hanging in the air.

What You Can Expect

Our no-hassle, money-back guarantee is our assurance that you’ll enjoy a bug-free, bite-free outdoor event. The products we use are environmentally friendly, EPA approved, and will reduce pests by up to 90-95%.

Whether it’s a wedding, graduation, barbecue or outdoor party, keep pests off the menu and keep your guests partying till late into the night. Our time-release barrier will control pests throughout your special event and ensure that the last hour is as pleasant as the first. Call Mosquito Squad of Dallas today at 214-221-2425 to be sure the only buzz you’ll hear is the happy chatter of your guests!

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