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Spider, Flea and Tick Protection

When it comes to the protection of your family, home and pets, Mosquito Squad of Dallas has you covered for more than just mosquitoes. Our spider, flea and tick treatments offer protection around your home from these annoying pests as well. In addition to being a nuisance, fleas, ticks and spiders can carry harmful and potentially fatal diseases.

What is the Spider, Flea and Tick Treatment?

Mosquito Squad of Dallas uses a combination of techniques to offer protection from spiders, fleas and ticks. To control all three pests, we use a barrier treatment every 21 days throughout the season. This treatment eliminates adults and aids in the prevention of new bugs entering the area. It also prevents spiders from nesting around your home. Depending on your needs, this treatment can be formulated to control all three of these pests as well as mosquitoes.

To further offer protection against ticks, we place biodegradable tick tubes filled with treated cotton on your property. Small mammals, which ticks often prey on, use the cotton to build their nests. When these mammals go back to their nests, the ticks come in contact with the treated cotton, eliminating them. Along with the barrier treatment, we will continually install tick tubes throughout the season.

Treatment Offers Peace of Mind

Here at Mosquito Squad of Dallas, we care about the health and safety of you and your pets just as you do. Because pets love to spend time outdoors, they are often more susceptible to fleas and ticks than humans. Protection against fleas can save your pets from harmful bites and irritation to their skin. Controlling ticks can prevent you and your pets from contracting tick borne diseases, most notably lyme disease. And finally, protecting your home from spiders can keep you and your pets safe from poisonous black widow and brown recluse spiders, both of which are found in Texas. Let us help you; don’t leave your health and safety up to chance. Keep your pets and loved ones safe and call Mosquito Squad of Dallas today at 214-221-2425 to discuss your home protection options.

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