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Keep Mosquitoes at Bay with a Misting System

Now that summer is upon us, you and your family want to maximize your time outdoors. Therefore, the last thing you want to contend with are the pesky mosquitoes and insects that reside in your backyard. If you want to eliminate pests on a permanent basis, the experts at Mosquito Squad of Dallas recommends that you install a misting system.

What is a Misting System?

Our timed-release outdoor misting system is used to control mosquitoes and other pests in outdoor spaces. These mechanisms consists of nozzles that are installed around the perimeter of your home or yard. They can be programmed to spray at predetermined times or managed using a remote control.

Invest in the Mosquito Squad Solution

The experts at Mosquito Squad of Dallas have pest control solutions that will offer you and your family the protection you desire. When you install a mosquito misting system, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Programmable application, which allows for flexibility.
  • Elimination of mosquitoes, ticks and other pests.
  • Continuous protection, which repels bugs and keeps them from returning.
  • Custom installation, which provides maximum prevention and inconspicuous placement on your property.
  • Smart technology, which includes monitoring tank levels, spray patterns and detecting leaks.
  • Remote control, which allows for activation via mobile technology.

  • A qualified technician from Mosquito Squad of Dallas will be available to install a customized system around your home. During the summer months, professionals will keep your system maintained and supplied with treatment. At the end of the season, they will winterize your misting system so that it is ready to use for the next year.

    Regain Your Peace of Mind

    Outdoor pest control doesn’t have to be a constant problem. If you want to eliminate mosquitoes, ticks and other insects from your property on a permanent basis, contact the experts at Mosquito Squad of Dallas at (214) 221-2425 for a free consultation. A qualified professional will be happy to meet with you to design a mosquito misting system that meets your needs. Before long, you and your family will be able to relax and enjoy the great outdoors without worry of mosquitoes and other pests!

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